• Police Desk Sergeant Sky Living - Talking With The Dead - Police Desk Sergeant
  • Robin Hood and Maid Marion of Sherwood Forest Robin Hood and Maid Marion of Sherwood Forest I have done some work as Marion of Sherwood in Sherwood forest UK. I am a keen admirer of the series Robin of Sherwood, and I have worked to re-create some of the costumes of the series, together with my husband Ragnar
  • Maid Marion Maid Marion Working on historical productions, I have been able to use my skills in archery, sword fighting, martial arts and horse back riding. It is important to keep ones self fit for such productions as you never know when you have to run or fight for your life on camera
  • Rufus Stone screen shot, the Movie Rufus Stone screen shot, the Movie As a professional method actress, I have had the opportunity to work in television and film for both the UK and Norway. Recently I have worked on a short film called Rufus Stone which has had its world premiere in November 2011
  • Magazine Advertisement Magazine Advertisement Here I modelled for an advert for an alternative magazine. The period costume was beautiful, but quite chilly to wear in the grave yard. I have also been in newspaper articles for Norway, France, Brazil and Italy concerning travel and history of Norway. My experience within the modelling industry is still new, but I hope to do more in the future
  • Sherwood Forest. Sherwood Forest. This is one of the places I find a lot of inspiration as an actress, author and lyricist. I feel nature herself is a muse for the creative minds and I love submersing myself in her beauty
  • Viking Queen Viking Queen Here is a photo of myself portraying a Viking Queen in Norway which I did for four years. Working as a historical figure has allowed me coverage in various shows and documentaries. It was awfully fun dressing up and living the life
  • Red Carpet Signing Red Carpet Signing My husband accompanies me to the red carpet world premiere screening of Rufus Stone

Audio: Freyja Faraday


A short silent film production I worked on for the Arts University
College at Bournemouth, playing role of Tommy's mother.

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