Freyja Faraday was born on the 22nd November in Hampshire.

From a very early age she had interests in acting, but had to wait until her teenage years before she could properly address her dream.

Her first appearance on stage was held at her old school in Hampshire, where she starred the leading role of Mina in the comedy horror spoof 'Dracula Spectacular'.

After a few years of doing short plays and stage, Freyja had a terrible loss in the family and could not continue for a while. The next stage appearance was for a ‘Mischievous Spirit’ for the play ‘Charlie’s Carrot’, held at the Kinson Players Amateur Dramatic Society in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Later, she had a role in a television commercial in ‘Aware’, produced by graduate students in the Bournemouth Film School.

In the summer of 2003, Freyja got the break she had yearned for and was asked to move to Norway for four years to work as a historic actress for the tourist industry and media. Her acting work in Norway consisted of appearing for French, Italian, Brazilian and Norwegian television and newspaper commercials. Also, she enjoyed re-enacting as part of local history lessons for the surrounding schools.

On January 18th 2009, another tragic death hit hard when her brother Renato (who was a police officer in Hampshire) died from a brain tumor at only thirty four years of age.
She slowly got back onto the road of recovery and in 2011 at last had happiness when the birth of her baby boy arrived.

Freyja is a keen admirer of both television-hit series Robin Of Sherwood and Doctor Who. She has done some work in Sherwood and met with many of the original stars like, Judi Trott, Phil Rose and Robert Addie. So much so, that she and her husband John (Ragnar) worked to re-create the costumes of both Robin and Marion from the series.

Freyja has begun to write scripts for a children’s television when she has time. She also enjoys creating replica costumes and horse riding.
She often is seen at Sci-Fi and Doctor Who conventions around the country, speaking with the fans and fellow actors.

Freyja currently lives in the South of England with her husband John and their two children Conan and Sigrid.